About Project

Baltic Second-Hand. As good as new:

Enhancing the behavioral and business change of the second-hand textile industry in the Central Baltic region. Baltic2Hand project improves textile reuse and reduces textile waste in the second-hand market from 1.4.2023 until 30.3.2026.

In the Baltic Second-Hand project, organizations in the fashion and textile industry in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Sweden develop their business models towards sustainability and circular economy. Using a service design process, the project maps and designs new opportunities in re-using textiles and in reducing textile waste. The project tests and pilots potential solutions and promotes consumer use of secondhand textiles. 

Expected results

The co-creative service design process with the target organizations and consumers will:

  • improve textile reuse
  • reduce textile waste
  • provide background research on the second-hand market in the Baltic region
  • generate new ideas towards more sustainable secondhand market
  • develop improved or new circular business models and services
  • develop open access educational materials

Baltic2Hand is funded by an Interreg Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 project that is co-funded by the European Union. 

Interested in joining our project?

What you will gain by participating in our project:

  • Expert knowledge & coaching on circular business models
  • Insights into consumer behavior & market trends
  • Innovation and new ideas for growth
  • Potential partners, networking, & sharing best practices
  • New and improved sustainable business models/services
  • Preparation for future EU law and market regulation

What will happen in practice:

  • Business design jams and workshops – ideation of new solutions 
  • Workshops for prototyping & testing and piloting solutions 
  • Support for solution piloting

All events are free of charge