Free Webinar and Project Info 29.11.2023: 

How textile industry can shift towards circularity?

Welcome to hear about our latest research information on textile waste reduction and the increase of textile reuse in the Baltic companies! This short session 29.11.2023 at 10.00-10.45 am EET is free of charge and only takes 45 minutes.

Baltic Second-Hand project has carried out extensive desk research and interviewed several textile and fashion organizations in the Central Baltic region to map out the challenges and potential opportunities in the industry. One of our focus areas also includes consumer behavior trends regarding the use and consumption of textiles.

As a company, you also have an excellent opportunity to benefit from our free business design process by joining our Baltic2hand sustainable business & circular economy workshops in Spring 2024. All events are free of charge, and we organize both online and face-to-face events. 

To learn more about our project and our latest research results, sign up for our webinar by clicking the button below. Please sign up by 26.11.

About Us

All organizations involved in the fashion and textile market in the Central Baltic Region are welcome to join our project in the mission to

  • improve textile reuse
  • reduce textile waste
  • and promote consumer use of second-hand textiles

We co-create solutions for both profit and non-profit organizations to

  • include a second-hand operation into their business model and/or
  • boost second-hand operations
  • include other type circular operations

Baltic2Hand is an Interreg Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 project that is co-funded by the European Union. 


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