Baltic2Hand Privacy Statement

Baltic2Hand – Privacy Statement  


This privacy statement informs how data is processed within the research, development and innovation project known as “Baltic2Hand” in accordance with GDPR (justifications: legitimate interest and consent). Baltic2Hand project’s ultimate goals are to reduce textile waste and to improve textile re-use. This is achieved by involving both organizations in the fashion and textile industry (our potential partners) and consumers in the Central Baltic Region in a co-creative service design process and disseminating the project’s results. 



Project Lead partner: 


Laurea University of Applied Sciences,  

Ratatie 2201300 Vantaa. 


Other partners:  

Project webpage:     


Contact person in matters concerning the register: 


Salla Kuuluvainen 

Ratatie 22, 

01300 Vantaa 



Register name:  

Marketing, communications and research register for Baltic2Hand project 


Purpose and duration of data processing: 

The registrant’s information is stored primarily to be used by the Baltic2Hand project for project implementation which is mainly for communication, marketing, and research (e.g. survey and interviews) purposes. All the data will be removed when it is no longer needed for the implementation of the project goals.  


Data content of the register: 

The registrant’s name, title, company/organization, e-mail address, and phone number are entered in the register for marketing and communication purposes. These details will not be used for research purposes.  In regard to research, information which can be linked to a person (such as occupation, age etc.) will be removed from the research data during processing. 


Primary sources of information: 

Primary sources of information are research data, registrations, communications with Baltic2Hand project and publicly available data sources on the internet. 


Primary disclosure of data: 

The registers collected in the project are disclosed within the project team and to third parties only as required for the implementation of the project goals. A third party will only be used to process part of the survey data. The employees of all project partners and third parties process personal data only to implement goals of the Baltic2Hand project.  


Data transfer outside the EU or EEA:  

Data is not transferred. 


Data protection principles: 

Only the Baltic2Hand team and the third party involved in the research survey analysis has the right to use the register for research purposes.  Only the Baltic2Hand team has the right to use the register for communications and marketing purposes. The data is stored on a secure network drive. 


Right of inspection:  

The register statement can be viewed on the web pages of the Baltic2hand project  


The registrant has the right to check information concerning themselves. The registrant must be able to prove their identity when requesting this information. If the collection is based on the consent of the registrant, the registrant has the right to request the removal of their data. More information: